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Friday, March 20, 2009

I am now ready!

At the moment cake making is my passion and not my profession and although I am not ready to go across the classification yet but I did plan a few things in mind... so I guess now is about time I should take-off. Drum roll please … announcing that Darlingsweetheartcakes is now open for orders. Interested? – call @ 019-9898441/ 019-9888441. I will post the price list in the next entry.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Darling's Birthday and Pandan Layer Cake lagi...

Made this for Darling - my eldest on her birthday - 10.3.2009. Happy Birthday Darling! You know mummy and papa love you so much. Credit goes to ita for sharing with me the wonderful tips.
Individually packed for her friends at school.

Pandan Layer Cake with simple drop flowers for Sweetheart. She requested the cake for maulidur rasul celebration at Kafa.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wilton Intensive Course

I have no intention to post any entry on this but when I saw it at ita’s I got excited to share the same. I must admit Rosalind Chan is fantastic. But since I was rushing to go back on the same day I’m not satisfied with my grand finale project. Anyway I really had a good time; making new friends who share the same passion, learn more decorating tips and techniques and getting the chance to enhance my ability. I started to have confidence in taking wedding cake projects now so wish me luck!

I want to express my special thanks to Rani for inspiring me to join the class, Kak Daalia for doing the registration for me, Ita and family for their hospitality, Ema and Fazilah who keep me company during the journey back ~ sorry for my slow driving. We actually took about 5 hours compare to the normal 3… hehehe well we did stop for prayers and refreshment plus I never experience driving on my own at 1am ok. Enough said, view these...

No photo on my gift box, i forgot to snap any... and my son thot it was a real one, so just imagine what had happen to it...
P/s: Congratulations to Norizan from Noriz Food Enterprise and my first sifu Lynnhassan on their successful achievement being appointed WMI. Thinking of getting a diploma on this, what do you think? boss said patutnya thinking of pursuing PhD ... I'm lost in my own sweet dreams haha

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pandan Layer Cake and Al-Fatihah

Pandan Layer Cake for the family.


For Aida. Hope she likes it.
... and this is for a dear friend who left us last friday,

Aku tentu merindu
lunak suaramu menyapa
senyum tawamu gembira
lenggok santunmu yang tiada tara
aku tentu merindu
usik manjamu
senda guraumu
banyaknya kenangan tercipta
catatan manis tersimpan
waktu kita
di medan kerja
di warung selera
di surau
di mana-mana...
terpandang aku
hadiah-hadiah pemberianmu
di harijadiku dulu
sepasang kurung biru
tudung merah bersulam indah
dan apa-apa lagi yang sungguh aku hargai
... tetapi kau tiada lagi
teringat aku
detik-detik tiba harijadimu
kau akan tersenyum malu
menerima ucapan dan
hadiah-hadiah teman-temanmu
wajahmu ceria menggambarkan suka
... alangkah manis waktu-waktu itu
di harijadimu kali ini 17.3.2009
sedihnya aku
kau tiada lagi untuk dirai
hilangmu sekelip mata
tanpa sempat berkata apa
hanya doa mengiringi
pemergianmu yang abadi
salam kasih sayang buatmu
Kak Wan Asilah bt Wan Mohamad
yang amat disayangi
Al - Fatihah

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cuppies for Balqis

Dear Balqis

Hoping that you
will post this
in the list
of your childhood memories
which is covered
with many beautiful dreams
knowing that you
will find the beauty
of mom's love
in every bite
of the cuppies


Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Nenek

Tempahan daripada Lily untuk ayahnya, dia minta tuliskan "Happy Birthday Nenek", hairan saya tetapi menurut Lily, ayahnya digelar nenek oleh cucu-cucu semua... ohhhh... Lily tidak menetapkan apa-apa tema jadi saya buat yang mudah saja. Terima kasih Lily!