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"Remembrance of me in good works, that is how I should like to be remembered". ~ Lord Denning

Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Luck!

To all my students, past and present -

Failure And Success

Failure is the penalty,

for continually getting things wrong.

Success on the other hand is the award,

for getting things continually right.

Failure puts you down in despair.

Success sends you soaring among the clouds.


I look at myself and wonder,

am I a success or failure.

Then maybe I am a bit of both.

Whichever way

the hammer falls

only you can decide.

by David Harris

p/s ~ as i always say the path is in front you, you choose which way you want to go ... GOOD LUCK!


Princess Amielia Irdina

A beautiful princess in her small garden ...

... planting roses in the pots

... watering the flowers

with her love ... ~ happy birthday Amielia.

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Meet My Little Miss Muffet

No time to write ... off for invigilation - exam starts today, to my students wishing you ALL THE BEST!!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Cheese Cake

From Laili to her TESL students. Choc Cheese Cake with grated choc on top.

Choc Cheese Cake untuk Kak Yong yang amat dirindui oleh ahli keluarganya ...
~ terima kasih Kak Ana.

Ini juga tempahan Kak Ana Chilled Blueberry Cheese Cake untuk Kak Ngah yang menerima hadiah kecemerlangan UPSR di sekolahnya.

Ini pula kek Yuzai ~ Japanese Cottonny Cheese Cake with Blueberry, maaf ya lewat dimasukkan ke sini.


Anak Patung lagi...

Dalam kesuntukan saya hanya mampu menghasilkan ini ... - tempahan dari pelajar yang kini menjadi teman yang sangat istimewa. Maaf atas kelewatan menyiarkannya Aida.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cakes for Dodik and Kak Bai



Women are like fairies ... - carrot cake with cream cheese


Choc Cuppies

During my busy time ... - for Nisa and the gang



I am very2 busy ...