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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wilton Intensive Course

I have no intention to post any entry on this but when I saw it at ita’s I got excited to share the same. I must admit Rosalind Chan is fantastic. But since I was rushing to go back on the same day I’m not satisfied with my grand finale project. Anyway I really had a good time; making new friends who share the same passion, learn more decorating tips and techniques and getting the chance to enhance my ability. I started to have confidence in taking wedding cake projects now so wish me luck!

I want to express my special thanks to Rani for inspiring me to join the class, Kak Daalia for doing the registration for me, Ita and family for their hospitality, Ema and Fazilah who keep me company during the journey back ~ sorry for my slow driving. We actually took about 5 hours compare to the normal 3… hehehe well we did stop for prayers and refreshment plus I never experience driving on my own at 1am ok. Enough said, view these...

No photo on my gift box, i forgot to snap any... and my son thot it was a real one, so just imagine what had happen to it...
P/s: Congratulations to Norizan from Noriz Food Enterprise and my first sifu Lynnhassan on their successful achievement being appointed WMI. Thinking of getting a diploma on this, what do you think? boss said patutnya thinking of pursuing PhD ... I'm lost in my own sweet dreams haha

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